Repair Service

We offer a Repair Service for the Brands of Models that we Stock and we can also carry out Health Checks and Servicing for those of you who would prefer not to do it themselves.

This service is available to everyone you do not have to have purchased the model from us.

Before sending your model to us it is important that you contact us first to discuss what is wrong. We can only carry out repairs on the brands of models that we stock and that is provided we can obtain the parts required.

If after you have spoken to us you decide to send your model to us to carry out the repair or service for you then you should purchase an inspection service listed below.

The inspection service is £5.00 but you will be asked to pay an additional shipping charge at checkout which is to cover the cost of returning the model to you.  The shipping charge will be £10 for UK Mainland customers and £24.00 for Offshore Customers. 

You should then send your model to us at :


15 Station Road

Laughton Common


S25 3RW

Please remember to include information in the packaging that identifies you. A copy of your receipt for the inspection service you have purchased will be sufficient for this purpose. If you do not include any information in the package we will not be able to trace the model to you and we will not be able to deal with the repair or service on your behalf. Also any models sent to us where the inspection fee has not been paid will be rejected.

Once your model is received we will inspect it and you will be sent a written quote and invoice for the work to be carried out. If you decide to accept the quote there will be a link on the invoice to pay for the service and once payment is received we will undertake the work on your behalf.

Our charges

We charge £15 per hour plus the cost of any parts required and the shipping costs involved in getting your model back to you.

The Inspection Service Fee

There is a minimum £15.00 UK Mainland and £29.00 UK Offshore inspection fee to be paid prior to returning the model to us. This fee is for the cost of the inspection and the return shipping costs to you in the event that you decide not to accept our quote for a repair or service. If you decide to accept our quote following the inspection then the inspection fee will be treated as a deposit towards the total cost of the worked required.

We also try our best to carry out all inspections within 3 days of receipt and any repairs within 7 days of payment but this time cannot be guaranteed during busy periods and/or if any parts need to be ordered.

You are responsible for the cost of getting your model to us and for us shipping it back to you even if you decide not to go ahead with the repair or for any other reason the repair cannot be carried out.

If you wish to collect your model then credit will be given for any shipping costs paid in advance.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.